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Holi Festival

Published Date :21 Mar, 2016

Holi Festival

Holi, a festival of colors, festival of sharing love is also celebrating festival of wining. This festival celebrate within Hindu peoples in Nepal and famous among all other religions. It is celebrate many other parts of South Asia. Holi is playing with different colors, colored water. Live music in this festival at many places is performing by professional singers’ team.

The Holi festival of 2017 is on Wednesday March 22nd in Mountain and hilly reason. The next day on 23rd March is celebrated at Terai (low land) region of Nepal. The festival is quite famous with foreigners as well. Foreigners come from different countries stop at Kathmandu valley for special holy celebration. Who comes for Trekking In Nepal or any Tours In Nepal, specially look to stay and celebration with Nepali peoples. Normally ig celebration goes in Kathmandu valley and other main cities of Nepal.  

Legend behing Holi

Holi is starting to celebrate after demon Holika died. It is celebration of as day of her death in Hundusm.  

Praladh was son of Hiranyakasyapu, a demon who started thinking he was only the Lord in this Universe. Praladh became devotee of Lord Vishnu, while Hiranyakashyapu wanted all to worship him only. Hiranyakashyapu wanted to convenience his son with various tries, but failed. Praladh never stopped worshipping Lord Vishnu. 

Hiranyakasyapu then planned to kill his five year old son. He ordered his sister Holika to kill Praladh. Holika was blessed with a fire proof dress. She went to flame with carrying Praladh. However, due to devotion of Praladh Lord Krishna burnt Holika and safely rescued Praladh.  Holika Dahan, means the end of Holika became Holi. People celebrated the end of Holika with colors, so the festival Holika Dahan became later Holi. 

Dates of Holi festival in coming years.

Holi 2017 : Monday, March 12
Holi 2018 : Friday, March 1
Holi 2019 : Thursday, March 20

When you come for Trekking In Nepal, Tour In Nepal, plan to stay at main cities if Nepal during Holi festival. It is much better to stay either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara.

Best places to experience Holi in Nepal


If you are in Kathmandu the streets of Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square are the best places. Durbar square can be absolutely packed with people whereas the small streets of Thamel are filled with kids looking to sneak up with water-guns and balloons.  If you are in Pokhara just walk along the main Lakeside Road.  Even if you are trekking in some of the less populated regions you will still find kids playing Holi, but it’s not quite the same experience as being in Kathmandu.